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Frequently Asked Questions
Q:   Aaah I'm having problems Help Please :(
A:   Need to talk to someone live?

If you have any problems you can catch us live
ICQ: 9134668,
Yahoo: ausrpg,
MSN: fantasyscifi@hotmail.com,
AIM: fantasyscifiau

Q:   How do I change my email address
A:   For spamming reasons we check the authenicity of all email addresses.

Just email us from your new email address with CHANGE MY EMAIL ADDRESS in the subject line to email@fantasyscifi.com and we will alter your address for you.

Sorry for any onconvenience but keeping the forums SPAM free is very high on our list of priorities

Q:   How do I make my link clickable?
A:   When you want to insert a link there are three main types of links. Each one has a short cut just below the smilies...

Insert Link, Insert Mail & Insert Web Image

Insert Link
This is for inserting a standard URL (web site address) You can either click on the link or use the following code:

[a=www.linklocation.com]link text you want AS the web site link in the post[/a]


Insert Mail
This is for inserting an Email Address You can either click on the link or use the following code:

[e=name@emailaddress.com]link text you want AS the email link in the post[/a]


Insert Web Image
This is for inserting an Image or Picture located on another web site. You can either click on the link or use the following code:

[p=www.linklocation.com/imagename.jpg]link text you want AS the picture link in the post[/p]


Q:   How do I submit News? How do I tell people about an up coming event?
A:   Select News from the navigation menu,
then click on the Submit News button.

Enter a short blurb/headline for your event or story and then the main content in the content window and click on Submit at the bottom of the page.

Your news item will be checked (for any indecent/unacceptable language, etc.) and then approved and your news item will then appear in the News page.

Q:   It says You are banned when I try to sign up but this is my first time here!
A:   Unfortunately, this can happen with YAHOO! addresses.

Just leave a message in the General Chat/Help Forum


...and someone will give you a email forwarder (that will point to your yahoo email address)

Q:   What is this FAQs thing?
A:   Need Help?

Navigating is easy, simply use the navigation menu at the top of the site....

Talk about anything and everything in the general forum.

To avoid spam we have the members forums, please note that you will need to register to read these posts from other members.

This is generally user submitted news.
Feel free to self promote any non-adult/non offensive links here.

Upload anything from pictures to ideas for a new role playing game, share information from a roleplaying campaign or member information for your fan club here.
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The Help and FAQs section is a collection of all the questions and answers about the site, the new software and how to get around